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The Slingshot Strategy

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Add to order: Recordings of my YouTube ads live training

Complement your purchase of The Slingshot Strategy: Arm yourself with the ability to launch direct response ads on YouTube.

Launch & scale winning YouTube ads using The Pyramid Targeting Technique - low risk, high performance direct response ads on YouTube for those of you who want to get leads and sales from the platform.

The minimum price to get in on the live training was $999.

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Preorder: 10 Irresistibly Clickable YouTube Thumbnail Templates in Canva

There's no disputing YouTube thumbnails help you get more clicks and more clicks means more views. You don't get the click, you don't get the view.

I curated some of the most successful YouTube channels who are nailing their thumbnails - they make it almost irresistible to click (but aren't clickbait). I then created thumbnail templates in Canva based on some of their most successful videos, so you can edit, swipe and deploy them for your videos.

You'll get these templates after the training so you have them exactly when you need them.
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Add to order: 80x views & 7.5x subscriber growth in 40 days [Case study]

VIDEO CASE STUDY: Watch how Christian applied the Slingshot Strategy to his channel that was stuck at 200 subscribers. In just 40 days he'd increased views by 80x and grew subscribers 7.5x. 

Since then he's increased subscribers by 36x and has hit 1 million views of his videos.

He went from 24,000 total channel views over 3 years to 1 million views in just under 14 months with The Slingshot Strategy.

This case study covers a channel aimed at hunters - if you'll find this offensive, skip this case study.

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